Avon is a direct sales company of beauty products, perfumes, cosmetics and even apparel. Avon was originally founded in 1886 by David H. Mcconnell as the California Perfume Company with the corporate headquarters in New York. By 1906 Avon was well on it’s way to becoming the established household name it is today with over 10,000 representatives, advertisements in Good Housekeeping and color brochures.

In 1995 Avon created the Avon Foundation, a charitable organization that is dedicated to empowering women by providing scholarships, fighting domestic violence and breast cancer as well as other women’s issues.

Today, Avon claims honors as the top direct sales company and advertises itself as the company for women. Avon offers the opportunity for creating a home based business by becoming an Avon Sales Representative. As a representative you can earn up to 50% of the suggested retail price of every item you sell, further cash and prizes can be earned by recruiting others and creating a sales team.

I think that Avon is probably the very best known direct sales company in the world and a completely recognized name brand, which does make it easy to create sales and most people are already very aware of the products and their quality. But with that said, I personally know seven different avon ladies and only one of them makes enough money to support herself with. So my take on Avon is that it’s extremely competitive and difficult to make any real money with it. I can think of at least five different ways to make money from your home that are ten times easier than Avon.

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